Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I purchase FPS products - Image AnyPlace, OmniScale, etc.

All FPS products can be purchased by contacting a member of our Sales Department, or through our network of International Distributors.  FPS sells directly to Pro AV and Home Theater dealers and Systems Integrators.  If you are an end user, and would like to purchase an FPS product, please contact our Sales Department for a referral to a Dealer in your area.  FPS has no Manufacturer Sales Representatives, except in the country of Korea. 

Does FPS sell directly to Dealers?

YES.  In North America.

Does FPS sell through Distributors?

In markets other than North America, FPS sells through International Distributors.  Please consult our International Distributor page for the most current list.  If there is no Distributor in a country, we will sell directly to Pro AV dealers.

Does it come with a Warranty?

YES. All FPS products come with a one-year warranty.  For more information, please see the Warranty page.

How do I locate my local Sales Rep in North America?

FPS does not sell through Sales Reps in North America.  You may purchase directly from FPS by contacting our Sales Department.  For consumers, you may also contact our Sales Department for advice on finding an integrator.


Is it compatible with NTSC and PAL video formats?

YES.  All FPS products accept both video standards.

Does the Image AnyPlace still use Silicon Optix video processing chips?

YES.  Even though Silicon Optix is no longer in operation, we still use the chipset originally designed by Silicon Optix now manufactured by another company.  

Does the product accept HD-SDI?

YES.  A special HD-SDI version or upgrade may be purchased for those projects requiring this I/O.

How can I connect my computer to the unit for set-up?

There are three options for connecting your computer - RS-232, Ethernet and USB.

How many projectors can I blend?

An unlimited number of projectors can be blended from any of the projected image sides (left, right, top, bottom), however, one Image AnyPlace unit is required for each projector.

How many projectors can I connect to each unit?

Each projector requires an Image AnyPlace unit, and Distribution Amps can be utilized to split the input signals.

Which projectors work with your products?

Image AnyPlace can work with any projectors - including both high-end and low-cost projectors.

How can I upgrade my firmware?

Firmware upgrades are available on our FTP site.  Please contact Customer Support for login information.


Where does the product ship from?

All FPS products ship from our head-office in Richmond Hill, ON, CANADA.

Do you ship internationally?

YES.  We ship internationally from our office in CANADA, as well as through a network of International Distributors.

What is the return policy?

FPS accepts products for return only with a valid RMA (Return of Material Authorization) number.  Please contact FPS Customer Support to obtain an RMA number.

What happens if my unit is damaged in shipping?

Rarely do units arrive damaged, as they are shipped in custom fitted boxes for safe shipping.  All units are also tested prior to shipping to ensure optimal operability.  In the rare case you do receive a damaged unit, please contact our Customer Service department for more information.